About Us

In this age of texting and computer typing, nails often become damaged and every time you strike a hard surface with your fingertips, you risk damaging your nails. Housework, gardening, cleaning, and even leisure and sporting activities can be very rough on your nails. What people don't realize is that most people notice your hands and fingers at an interview or during a handshake.

When we are young we take time for our nails but it is not so easy as we get older and become more burdened with the responsibility of juggling work and family. Like having a nice hairdo, nice nails make you look and feel young.

Mint Nails & Beauty salon is open 7 days a week to offer women nail care, cuticle trimming, manicures and nail art design including French Manicure, as well as other beauty treatments.

Escape from your busy day and let me pamper you with my beauty treatments for your hands, feet, face and body and make you feel like the special person that you are.

I want you to feel happy when you leave my salon.

Minh Van

Our Address: Unit 306, WTC Building, 116 Cuba Street, Wellington | Phone: (04) 385 0450 | Mobile: 022 618 2797 | Book Online